North West brutally mocks mum Kim Kardashian's ex Pete Davidson

It's no secret to anyone that Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North, was put on the planet to humble her mum and pretty much everyone else that crosses her path.

It’s possible that she gets her sarcastic but hilarious ways from her dad, Kanye West, but nevertheless, she is a huge hit with fans of the show, The Kardashians.

In the most recent episode, North can be seen with her cousin Penelope, daughter of Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian Barker, and Scott himself alongside one of Kim’s assistan

People can’t unhear hilarious misunderstanding over Michael Caine’s name

Michael Caine just announced his retirement from his very long and successful acting career, at the extremely applaudable age of 90-years-old.

After seven decades of starring in some of the greatest movies of all time, he is finally leaving his time on screen behind him and will enjoy retirement.

Talking to the BBC about ending on a high note, he said: “I keep saying I’m going to retire.

He has appeared in more than 130 films in his career, with some highlights being Batman, Interstellar, Inc

How alcohol can actually affect you in the bedroom

New studies have shown just how much alcohol can impact you in the bedroom, and in more ways than one too.

Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol can cause a reduction in sex drive and sexual pleasure in men, as well as increasing their risk of erectile dysfunction.

According to a new study by Indian researchers, despite many people thinking that alcohol increases desire, it actually isn’t great for you long term.

Out of 32.9 million men in the UK (as of 2019), 16.5 million suffer with erect

Francis Ngannou speaks out on his controversial loss to Tyson Fury insisting ‘he won’

Francis Ngannou has commented on his defeat stating that ‘there’s not a question’ about whether he beat the Gypsy King or not.

They called it the ‘Battle of the Baddest’, and Tyson Fury remains the greatest, in a controversial win to Francis Ngannou.

Fury won by split decision, but Ngannou has spoken out during an interview saying that he absolutely won.

Imagine your first professional fight being with Tyson Fury, we have to give this man some credit!

The fight took place in Saudi Arabia, an

How clocks going back will end up costing you hundreds on energy bills

We might be getting an hour extra in bed, but the clocks going back might just cost you in a totally different way.

No one is complaining about getting a little lie in tomorrow when the clocks go backwards, but it’s not all good news for Brits.

The whole idea behind moving the clocks is that we make more use of the daylight during the winter months.

However, Queen's University Belfast have suggested that we could be saving at least £1.20 on electricity bills a day if we didn’t change the cloc

Martin Lewis tip has saved people up to £2000 through refund many will be owed

Just in the last tax year, over one million people overpaid a specific loan and The Money Saving Expert has shared exactly how to check if you can be reimbursed.

The loan in question is the government student loan, which students don’t have to pay back if they earn under a specific threshold - with most who paying back from their wages via direct debit every month.

If you have money left to pay, it will show up on your account but it will also tell you if you’re owed any too.

If the case is t

Video of 19-year-old Mike Tyson training shows he was always destined to be a great

A clip of Mike Tyson training as a teenager has gone viral, and everyone is having the same reaction.

At just 18-years-old, Mike Tyson made his professional debut into the boxing scene, and with 50 wins under his belt, there is no disputing he is one of the greatest.

He was raised in Brooklyn, New York, but despite his successes, life wasn’t always this comfortable for the professional boxer.

When he was two-years-old, his dad abandoned his family, leaving his mum to raise three children by h

Tyson Fury crashes Mike Tyson interview after Big John Fury calls out former heavyweight champion

In the interview, crashed by the man who is named after the former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson was talking about whether there was any one who could be as great as Tyson Fury.

"John Fury fears no man, no man on earth no matter what they've done, no matter what the accolades. John Fury only fears one person and he's not even of this world and that's God Almighty. Here I am, any man alive wants to fight John Fury, I'm ready to go, Mike Tyson what have you got to say to that my brother?"


Deleted Harry Potter scene showing Dudley's true self is making fans cry

Throughout the Harry Potter films, Dudley isn’t the most loved by fans, but this deleted scene has revealed a different side to him.

The usually spoilt and unlikable cousin of the titular wizard, was shown in a different light in the scene, and fans have realised that there is a lot more to their relationship, which would have made sense if they left the scene in!

Vernon, Petunia and Dudley were forced from their home for their own safety due to the threat of Lord Voldemort and the Death Eater

Jason Manford sparks debate after calling for homework to be banned

Jason Manford has claimed homework ‘trains’ kids to think in a certain way, and is calling on the government to ban it.

A homework ban is something we could all get on board with once upon a time, but 42-year-old comedian Jason might be taking that to the next level…

He ended up in a fiery debate on X, claiming he would be a ‘hero, nay a God’ if anything came of his idea.

In his post, he wrote: “I thought it as a kid and now I think it as an adult: homework is bulls***!

"It trains you to thi

GTA 6 map concept combined all major cities into one massive open world

Speculation around what the new GTA 6 map could look like has been taken to the next level, as one fan has come up with a rather mind-blowing concept.

Ever since Rockstar Games announced in February last year that 'that active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway', fans have been desperate to see what the new map has in store.

Gamers have heard very little about the new map from Rockstar Games so it's not usual for them to speculate what new concepts f

Fan doing £250,000 Wembley crossbar challenge told cheerleaders he'd take them on a date if he hit it

This is what happened when a rugby fan was randomly selected to do the crossbar challenge at Wembley in an attempt to win £250,000 - and said he'd spend the money taking the Saracens cheerleaders out for a date.

Rugby fan Stuart Tinner was one of three supporters out of 46,281 at the stadium to be picked to do the challenge, and the first to do it.

Stuart’s attempt took place at half-time during the Saracens vs South Africa game in 2009, with eager fans waiting to see what happened and if he c

Peter Andre said he felt 'destroyed' and 'absolutely gutted' by Katie Price divorce

The 50-year-old, who has been married to his current wife Emily MacDonagh for eight years, announced they are having their third baby together.

Emily and Peter share two children between them, Amelia and Theo, while Andre is also dad to Princess and Junior from his previous marriage to Katie Price.

Katie and Peter met on I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! in 2004, but at the time of their split, he spoke out to the Daily Star after Katie whisked their kids away to the Maldives without him.

Victoria Beckham 'in talks for her own documentary' off back of David's Netflix success

Victoria Beckham might be getting her own documentary about a certain ‘empire’ she built from ‘scratch’, following the success of her husband's series, Beckham.

Victoria is said to be in talks about creating a docu-series, similar to David Beckham’s but about a different avenue of her life that she created following the split of the Spice Girls in 2000.

The football star’s series has been a hit with viewers on Netflix, and the pair have branded celeb royalty after fans were reminded of just ho

Millions to receive £300 cost-of-living payment to their banks this week

Everyone is feeling the strain of the cost-of-living crisis, especially with Christmas just around the corner…nine more Fridays, to be specific.

Well, some people might just be in luck and will receive a tax-free £300 from the government this week.

Those that fit the criteria do not have to do anything to get paid, as it will land in their accounts automatically between October 31 and November 19.

And just so you know what to keep your eyes peeled for, the payment will show up in your bank as

Rebecca Loos says she found David Beckham with model just before phone call from Victoria Beckham

Rebecca Loos has claimed she received a phone call from Victoria Beckham asking where her husband was - and the answer wasn’t what she expected.

It was alleged that she and the football star - who she worked for at the time - had an affair in 2003 when he moved to Spain to play for Real Madrid, but in the documentary, neither David nor Victoria confirmed or denied the claims.

On September 22, 2003, she and her colleagues were excited to be attending the birthday of football hero Ronaldo, along

Man who lives opposite ‘haunted’ hotel where people have died has seen terrifying things at night

Peet Montzingo moved into his two-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles in 2019, and after wondering why it was such a cheap area to begin with, he now knows why and has been documenting his experiences on TikTok.

The hotel is infamous in the US as one of the most ‘haunted’ places in the country, and has been known to house infamous murderers - such as the 'Night Stalker' Richard Ramirez.

The hotel also gained even more fame after being the subject of the Netflix documentary, Crime Scene: The Vanis

My Parents are Aliens star makes plea to fans of iconic children's TV series

Actor Tony Gardner has spoken out on how streaming can be unfair for the actors who worked on shows.

The childhood icon has put out a number of statements about why watching the TV series in a particular way can be detrimental for the actors.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, talking about the new episode, the podcast feed stated: “This week, our good good friend Jasmine is here to discuss the classic 90s/2000s sitcom My Parents Are Aliens!

“We find that the costumes worn in the show have aged

The Queen gave very honest response to why she was so good at acting

The monarch, who sadly died last year at the age of 96 after more than 70 years on the throne, was commended in 2022 for her acting skills when she starred in a feature piece for her Platinum Jubilee celebrations with Paddington Bear (voiced by Ben Whishaw).

In the skit, the pair were across the table from one another in Buckingham Palace, bonding over tea and marmalade sandwiches.

Farnaby played the footman in the film, who despaired in the piece with the queen at Paddington’s clumsiness, whi

Disturbing ‘rough sex’ defence to be explored in new documentary on murder of Grace Millane

A new documentary is being released about the ‘rough sex’ defence, in tribute of Grace Millane, who was murdered whilst travelling in New Zealand by a man she met on Tinder.

The trip on the other side of the world was to celebrate her 22nd birthday, but on 2 December 2018, her family's messages and phone calls were not responded to.

In the morning after she was killed, Kempson went to buy a suitcase and buried her body in bushland in an area called Waitakere Ranges.

The new documentary, The M

Rebecca Loos says she was upset when she found out what David Beckham did with her ‘very naughty texts’

In the doc, Beckham, the topic of the affair was touched upon, but neither David nor wife Victoria Beckham confirmed or denied that it happened back in 2003.

However, Victoria did state that it was the ‘hardest period’ for the couple, and that they ‘were against each other’.

She recently revealed that she had ‘naughty’ conversations with David over messages, but was disappointed when she found out that he had been showing them to his friends and laughing.

Talking to the Mail on Sunday, she sa

Christine McGuinness admits divorce from Paddy McGuinness is ‘difficult’

After 11 years of marriage, Paddy and Christine McGuinness called it quits last year and now, Christine has spoken of how she can’t wait for this year to ‘be over’.

The couple, who have three children together, announced in a joint statement on social media in 2022 that they were calling time on their relationship.

Despite the breakup, they are currently still living together in their family home in Cheshire, presumably for the sake of their children, twins Penelope, and Leo, ten, and Felicity

Woman claims she was sacked after boss said 'pregnancy brain' couldn't be trusted

The PR executive was fired from her job at the company Press Hook, after her boss ‘unlawfully gaslit’ her whilst being pregnant - leading to an ongoing legal battle.

Rachann McKnight, 37, says that she was fired because her boss claimed she ‘could not be trusted’ because of her ‘pregnancy brain’, and the boss even warned others in the company not to get pregnant.

When she first joined, Songy claims that she received praise often and was good at her job, but things started to get tricky when sh

Six million drivers could be at risk of getting fine for making easy mistake on roundabouts

You could be hit with a £50 fine on the spot for making this simple mistake on a roundabout in the UK.

Millions of drivers have been warned that presuming this rule on the Highway Code - which many don't see as important - could land them with a fine.

We have seen many new rules in the Highway Code recently, such as pedestrians taking priority when a car is turning at a junction - and the safe passing distance when overtaking bikes.

But this rule has applied in the UK for as long as we have b
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